In choosing a builder it is important to consider all the costs that will be involved in the completion of your project – not just the starting price.

You need to be wary. That is because, in order to gain a commitment from you some builders will lower their base price. Then once you have agreed to start the design process with them they will inflate the site related costs and all the other costs.

This is why many new home designs are attractively priced at first. They exclude all the site related costs. So what appears at first pleasing to the eye turns into a regular nightmare to work through once construction has begun.

Our recommendation is that you do not sign an agreement for a standard design at the base price. Chances are your knowledge will be limited at this point about what the probable site costs are likely to be.  Once you have signed the agreement and paid the deposit you are locked into the project with your chosen builder.

However, before a builder can build your standard design he needs to obtain the following:

Site Survey a detailed drawing of your site by a registered surveyor confirming the slope and all details and improvement relative to the site.

Geotechnical Assessment – A geotechnical specialist identifies and assesses all factors liable to affect the stability and safety of proposed or existing excavation.

Bushfire Assessment – If applicable a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL). A BAL is the basis for establishing the requirements for construction (under the Australian Standard AS 3959-2009 Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas), to improve protection of building elements from bushfire attack.

The standard design you have chosen will then have to be redrawn to suite your site, taking into account any additional engineering that might be required due to site conditions.

At this point there is no opportunity for you to obtain competitive pricing. Many home buyers find that after a lengthy process of design, approval, detailing and pricing, they are presented with a final price that is not at all close to the original listed price of the standard design and not in keeping with their intended budget.


We take a different approach. We believe that you should be fully informed before being asked to make a final commitment. Here is how we work


There is significant emotional and financial investment in the process of building a new home and it is important to work with a team of people you are comfortable with.  The first step is for you to meet with us and confirm if you feel we are people you can work with.  We talk about your site and your vision for your new home.  This helps us determine what the best solution for your needs is.

We will arrange a site survey and a meeting with our in-house design team to discuss:

-The features and details of your site

-The intended size of your home

-Your family’s lifestyle requirements.

-Your budget for the project – we don’t design homes that are unaffordable, we will design your home for the price you wish to pay.


Once you are satisfied with your design, we move on to providing an estimate of the all-inclusive cost for your new home. An important step in this process is your Design and Tender meeting. In this meeting we go through all aspects of the tender with you to ensure that all your requirements have been included and to answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to leave no stone unturned. We want to ensure that you are comfortable and understand the tender fully. Before moving to the next stage we will make any final adjustments to your design and tender.


Once the Estimate is satisfactory, we then move on to obtaining approval for the construction of you home during the approval process, we finalise all the selections for your new home and prepare a fixed price tender for the construction of your home.

The approval process can vary depending on your council and site. A complying development Certificate (CDC) and approval generally takes between 2 & 3 weeks for a development application and a Construction Certificate (DA/CC) generally takes between 4 & 8 weeks.


On receipt of the building approval, we then prepare and sign the Building agreement. From the date of signing, the final leg of the journey begins.  We will be onsite within a few weeks to start construction. You can rest assured that the construction of your new home will be undertaken with the same level of care and precision we exercised when we started your project. In fact you will be dealing with the same team right through your journey until completion.