When you choose to build your home, there is one thing that will make a big difference before, during, and after the process, and that is choosing the right builder. Home builders come in all different shapes and sizes, and whether you are thinking about making second-story renovations to your property or looking for a builder that creates custom homes, it all hinges on choosing the right person for your project. What are the things you need to consider?

Know what you want first

It is vital to decide what type of home you need before you embark on this process. Not all home builders are the same, some only create a very small range of houses, which is why you need to establish your vision of the perfect home first, as this will ensure a better relationship throughout the process between you and the builder.

It’s not helpful for anyone to change their mind, so completely understanding what dictates the perfect home is essential.

Check their portfolio

When you have an idea of the type of home you wish to build, you should find a builder that doesn’t just have a great reputation but has a history of creating homes that align with your vision.

This part of the process is usually straightforward because the builders will have a variety of designer homes on their websites. Look at their past projects and find examples of homes similar to what you wish to achieve.

Get to grips with their reputation

We all want to work with a professional who has a stellar reputation. Putting your trust in the hands of someone who has limited experience in new builds may mean a cheaper job overall, but there’s no guarantee that they will give you what you need. You need to conduct due diligence by reading reviews, speaking to clients, and asking for references. When you speak to people who have dealt with them in the past, it pays to be sceptical at this stage, and a couple of different references can give you a more comprehensive picture.

For example, you could speak to an architect or somebody involved in the designer homes process from the very start. You could even speak to the tradespeople on-site and get an insight into how the site is run, ensuring you get a broader picture of the process.

Choosing according to price and budget

There are a variety of home builders who provide different types of products, depending on the customer. For example, builders may create new builds for first-time buyers, or they may be at the other end of the spectrum and providing luxury high-end properties.

It’s important for you to understand your budget inside out because there is little point approaching a luxury builder to build a custom family home, not just because of your budget, but because of theirs too. A builder specialising in designer homes with high spec may not choose to build smaller properties for the very simple reason that they have smaller margins and it doesn’t make financial sense to them.

Choosing a builder that tallies up with your vision and your budget is critical so you and the builder can get the most out of the transaction. When it comes to asking for prices, it is too much extra work to gather quotes upfront. Choosing builders that are appropriate for your project is vital, which is why it pays for you to do research and narrow the fields down before asking for quotes.

Choose according to location

Builders tend to have a favourite area for a number of reasons, including the fact that their pricing is more competitive. If you are looking for home builders on the Central Coast, you will find that they tend to stick to their patches.

When approaching a home builder, you should inquire whether they have a good sample of homes built in that location. It’s important to remember that when you are tallying up the costs, a builder outside of your desired area will add extra fees for contingency reasons, which is why you should find a company that comes well-represented in your desired location.

There is a lot to consider, and at Edwards Family Homes, we can help you bring your dream home to life. If you want to learn more about the house-building process, it’s critical to find someone that will guide you through the process but is someone you trust. Get in contact with us or fill out one of our forms, and we can take you through the entire building process and show you how we do it differently.