the home build process.

Building your new home is an enjoyable and rewarding experience, a new home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life. By working within clear expectations and prioritising effective communication between yourself and the builder stress is eliminated making the building your dream home an experience you would choose to repeat again.

Our design and construct process enables you to keep control of the design and budget to ensure that the plans represent a custom home you can afford to build.

1. Concept

Preparation of plans to confirm design and pricing. During the concept stage, you work with our experienced design team to create a custom home that suits your land, lifestyle and budget. A cost estimate is also prepared at this stage based on your custom design, so you can plan ahead and stick to your budget.

2. Preliminary

Building approval, selections and specifications Your finalised home design is prepared for submission, this includes the preparation of accompanying documentation. You will also have the opportunity to make all the selections for your home, working with our consultant team to document each choice and price any optional upgrades.

3. Contract

With your building contract signed and finance finalised works commence on site. You have the ability to track each stage of your project using our 24/7 online client portal along with regular onsite meetings.

4. Handover

This is what it’s all about! Taking possession of your new dream home, we walk through your new home with you and explain any specific design features and how to make the most of your new appliances and fittings. We’ll then excuse ourselves so you can begin to add your personal touches to your new home.

5. Warranty

The best reason to build a new home is all the warranties! Structural warranty, non-structural warranty and all the manufactures warranties. We also set aside a period of time while you are settling in to assist with any issues that may arise, were always more than happy to pop by and have a look at something or answer any questions you may have forgotten to ask during handover.

Where there’s a dream, there’s Edward Family Homes.

Custom Built Homes don’t break the budget when you build with us. We’ve made lofty dreams a reality for families all across the Central Coast NSW and beyond, with no compromise to quality, taste or budget.

let’s bring your dream home to life.