How To Get A Quality Custom Family Home

With All The Features And Finishes You’ve Been Dreaming About, Completed On Time And On Budget -- Guaranteed.

The Exact Home You Want, Finished On Time And On Budget Guaranteed

More For Your Money With Transparent Fixed Pricing And No Nasty Surprises

Local Family Company With 50+ Years Experience Building On The Central Coast

We are glad to organise for your rent to be covered while we are building your home, Our goal is to make your building experience enjoyable and stress-free.

A Custom Home Worthy Of The Memories Your Family Will Make And Treasure Forever


A Custom Home Worthy Of The Memories Your Family Will Make And Treasure Forever

Your family is unique. You have a certain way of living, individual preferences, and a family personality that makes you special.

So why would you invest your life savings in a generic home that is prefabricated for a mass-market? Especially when you can get a custom family home with the exact floorplan, features, and finishes you’ve always wanted. A home that is worthy of the memories your family will make and treasure forever.

Getting What You Want Shouldn’t Be So Hard

Once you’ve lived in a custom home – with every detail designed and built just for you – you’ll never go back to something generic. There’s nothing quite like the convenience and comfort, the luxury and lifestyle, and the homely feeling of a custom family home.

Yet sadly, many families miss out on these (and many other) benefits of a custom home because their builder (or architect) attempts to modify a generic design. And they end up overpaying for things that aren’t important to them, and compromising on things they have always wanted in their dream family home.

Like many people looking to build a custom home, perhaps you are…

Worried you’ll end up with a cookie-cutter design that looks (and feels) common

when you really want a builder who takes the time to understand your family and match every design detail to your lifestyle, personality, and preferences.

Concerned that what you really want will cost too much

and want a builder with the experience to help you save in some areas (like earthworks), so you have more to spend on the features and finishes you’ve been dreaming about for years.

Afraid the price will change after you sign the contract

and want an honest builder who gives you a transparent, fixed price and includes everything in the contract, so you’re not surprised by unexpected bills.

Afraid your home will go over time (and budget)

and want a builder with a proven process and trusted tradespeople to keep everything running on schedule.

Concerned you won’t have enough time and emotional energy

and want a builder who manages everything, guiding you systematically through every step so it’s enjoyable and stress-free.

Worried you won’t be kept informed

and want direct access to the owner of the company (not a salesperson) so you always know what’s happening with your home.

Concerned your builder may be financially unstable

and want a dependable builder with a solid reputation and sound financial base so you can feel confident you’re in safe hands.

Afraid your home may look nice but have hidden defects

and want a builder with meticulous attention to detail (in frame and finish) to ensure it looks amazing and lasts a lifetime.

Lots of families have these exact concerns and questions. That’s why we’ve developed a Free Discovery Session to share our 50+ years of experience and give you the information you need to get the exact custom family home you want.

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How We Help You Enjoy Your Building Process And Get The Exact Custom Home You Want

While the Edwards Family has been building on the central coast for generations over the past 12 years Edwards Family Homes has built more than 130 homes for families in the Central Coast region.

Unlike other builders who attempt to modify a generic, catalogue house, we design your home from a blank page. We take time to listen to your vision, ask thoughtful questions to help you clarify your ideas, and share advice from 50+ years of experience to refine the design until it’s exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.

And while other builders catch your attention with misleadingly low prices (that exclude tens or even hundreds of thousands in extra costs like earthworks, driveway, fencing etc.), we give you a fully transparent, honest price that includes absolutely everything with no hidden surprises. And we’ll help you get more house for your money, saving on things that are less important so you can have all the special features and finishes you’ve always wanted.

Then our own family tradespeople (our four sons) and their skilled team will handcraft every detail of your home with precision and pride. Sticking to a strict schedule to ensure your home is ready on time and on budget.

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What Other Edwards Family Homes Clients Say About Their Custom Homes

We’ve been privileged to help more than 130 Central Coast families get their dream home over the past 50 years. Here’s what some of them say about their home and experience working with the Edwards family.

Why Central Coast Families Choose Edwards Family Homes For Their Custom Family Home

Building a custom home is exciting. It’s the chance for your family to get everything you’ve ever wanted in a home. But it can also be a stressful time. And mistakes can be costly and cause long-term disappointment.

Here are some ways Edwards Family Homes are different from other builders. And what we do to ensure you get the exact home you want and enjoy your building experience.

Designed For You And Your Unique Block Of Land

Sadly, most homes are the result of a generic design, created for a generic market, based on a generic block of land. That’s why they look so common. Why they are so dark and stuffy inside. And why they never quite feel like the home you really want.

We take time to get to know you and your family. To understand the vision you have for your home. And to help you get clarity about what you really want. Then we share advice from our 50+ years of experience to refine your ideas in a design that matches your family’s unique personality, provides the ultimate in comfort and convenience, and brings out the best (views, privacy, light, breezes) in your land.

No Surprises Or Stress

Too many homeowners think they know what they are getting. But are surprised (and disappointed) when their finished house is missing so many of the things they really wanted. Things they saw in the display home, read about in the catalogue, and discussed with their builder or consultant (a.k.a. salesperson).

We listen carefully, ask clarifying questions, and take comprehensive notes to ensure we understand exactly what you want. We include every last detail in the contract (with exact prices). And we supervise every step to ensure you get the exact house you want, with no disappointing surprises or stress. You’ll enjoy the process and love the end result.

Guidance To Get More House For Your Money

Most builders (and even architects) take a generic plan and try to modify it for your needs. This means you end up overpaying for things you don’t want, and compromising on things that are important to you.

Our designers are different. We start with a blank page. And create every detail to give you the exact house you want. We’ll show you how to save thousands in areas that are not as important, so you have more to spend on the things you really want.

Fully Transparent Fixed Pricing (With All The Details)

Sadly, many people become excited by the low (misleading) prices they see advertised by other builders. It’s not until after they sign a contract that they realise they will need to pay tens of thousands extra for things they thought were included (things like earthworks, retaining walls, driveway, landscaping, power, NBN and more). And due to poor project management, some of the selections they fell in love with after spending hours choosing (benchtops, taps, tiles and more) are no longer available and they need to choose again – often at much higher prices.

Your contract with Edwards Family Homes is complete and accurate. You will know everything you’re getting and precisely what it will cost. And our fastidious project management ensures all your selection orders are locked in early, so you get exactly what you want without paying a cent extra.

Deal Directly With The Owners

When you choose a large builder, you’re just one of twenty, fifty, or even a hundred or more customers. Your point of contact is often a commission salesperson who only really cares until the contract is signed. And even smaller builders are often so busy (and disorganised) you can’t get answers to your questions (or even phone calls or emails returned).

When you choose Edwards Family Homes, you deal directly with the family who owns the business. Get immediate answers to your questions (you’ll have our mobile phone numbers). Follow every step of your home through live photos and weekly updates on our Project Management Portal. You’ll always know what’s happening and feel part of your building journey.

Finished On Time (We Will Even Organise To Pay Your Rent)

Read any online forum and you’ll see how many homeowners suffer months of uncertainty due to building delays. This can cost tens of thousands in extra rent. Not to mention the stress of uncertainty.

Our meticulous process (including supply procurement and trade scheduling) ensures we finish your home on time. We’re so confident, we are happy to organise to pay your rent during the build.

The People On The Tools Own The Company

Many builders aren’t even qualified tradespeople. They attempt to assemble and supervise a team of people to perform tasks they can’t perform themselves. It’s no wonder the results are so haphazard.

All key tradespeople in our business are part of our family and co-owners in the company. They take pride in every nail and screw and build your home as if it was their own -- structurally sound and flawlessly finished.

Decades Of Experience And Financial Stability

Building more than 130 homes on the Central Coast over the past 50 years has earned Edwards Family Homes a reputation as a trustworthy builder. Our proven process and team of skilled tradespeople (most of whom are family members and co-owners of the company) ensure you receive a first-class home from a financially stable company.

Our Best Custom Home Advice – 100% Free

Researching custom home options can be time consuming and confusing. The quickest and easiest way to get answers to your questions and the information you need to get the custom home you want is with a no-obligation Free Discovery Session.

Free Discovery Session:

Your Next No-Obligation Step To Get The Exact Custom Family Home You Want

The quickest and easiest way to find out more is with a no-obligation Free Discovery Session where Carl Edwards and his team will…

  • Answer your questions (even the ones you don’t yet know to ask) so you get the information you need to avoid expensive mistakes and get the exact custom home you want
  • Help you gain clarity around what you want in your custom home (and explain the different options to bring your vision to life)
  • Give you an honest and realistic overview of building costs (and where it’s best to prioritise your investment) so you can plan with confidence with no unexpected surprises
  • Explain how Edwards Family Homes can help you get the exact custom home you want, on time and on budget.

Your Discovery Session will be with Carl Edwards, the owner of Edwards Family Homes (not a commission salesperson). Carl and his team will generously share their 50+ years of experience building custom homes on the Central Coast.

Naturally, we’d love to help you build your custom family home. But in any case, we’re glad to answer your questions and provide information to help you get the exact custom family home you want.

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