Building a custom house is something that every homeowner has thought of at least once in their life. They offer families the opportunity to turn their dream homes into a reality by creating a property that truly reflects their personal tastes and practical demands. Unsurprisingly, Central Coast is one of the most popular places to make it happen.

Here at Edwards Family Homes, our team prides itself on building custom family homes that clients love for years to come. Before looking any further into custom builds Central Coast, though, it’s vital that you know what to expect from the journey ahead. Here’s all you need to know.

Know your budget

Before beginning any custom builds Central Coast project, all prospective homeowners must first determine their budget. Otherwise, you could run the risk of encountering an unfinished project or leading yourself into excessive debt. In other words, without a clear budget, dream homes can become a nightmare. You should leave a 10% buffer for unforeseen costs.

The average cost of a house in Central Coast is AU$ 1.18 m. When building custom-family homes, the price can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the plans. Take the time to build a clear budget, which includes knowing how much lenders will let you borrow. It will give you a far better understanding of what’s possible.

Consider timeframes and alternatives

While the thought of building custom family homes is a dream shared by many, it is an extensive task. Working with custom builds Central Coast specialists will ensure that the process runs smoothly and without unnecessary delays. Still, you can expect the project to take between 10 months and two years depending on the design.

So, if you have a set deadline in place, perhaps due to the arrival of a baby, you may want to look at alternatives. Second-storey renovations and extensions could be used to upgrade your current property or transform a nice property you’ve seen into the perfect house for your family to grow.

Begin the design phase with an architect

Building custom family homes gives clients the chance to finally have the dream house they’ve always wanted. You have probably spent a lot of time researching the character-defining features and must-have luxuries for your property. The next step is to turn your basic vision into a detailed design plan. Hiring the best architect will make it easy.

An architect can work closely with you to discuss style, room function, design elements, and lifestyle factors. They can then use advanced tech and tactics to craft precise design and floor plan ideas. It allows you to see the custom home in all its glory via the virtual space and confirm that it has the aesthetic, functional, and practical features you need.

Find a plot of land

There are many benefits to be gained from building your dream home from scratch. However, it won’t be possible to build a custom house until you have acquired a plot of land. Given that it is also one of the largest overheads throughout the project, it’s vital that you get it right. As well as the plot size, you must consider the location.

When building a custom house, you are essentially investing in a new way of life. Researching schools, travel links, and amenities will influence your decision. When buying your land, it’s probably best to keep it as a separate transaction. However, you can ask the builder to buy it and sell the whole land and home package as a ‘pay on completion’ deal.

Choose a builder

It’s one thing to have the design plans in place, but it counts for very little if the vision cannot be transformed into real property. You will need a reliable builder that is up to date with the latest building standards development, is punctual, and will treat every aspect of the construction with the same care they’d give their home.

While there are many great builders in NSW who can erect custom family homes, Edwards Family Homes offer a design and construction package that keeps everything under one roof. It means that the project won’t be hit by communication. So, your build will be completed on time and budget. Crucially, the builders will create the design to perfection.

Get Started

Once your design plans for your custom house have been finalised, the construction work can begin. It will be a long process and most homeowners or developers find that they will have a significant role to play in the ongoing design decisions. Still, the dream home will soon become a reality.

It can feel like a daunting assignment, especially as it’s one you’ve probably not done before. Thankfully, our master architects and custom home builders are highly experienced professionals that will guide you through every step of the process. Contact us now to learn more about the possibilities here in Central Coast.