The Difference Between Custom Builders and Volume Builders

It’s easy to believe that all home builders are the same and can produce the same result; while there is some truth to this statement, it’s not wholly correct. Ophthalmologists and orthodontists are both skilled professionals that work on the human head, right? But who would you trust more to perform your eye surgery? The ophthalmologist! You trust in their education, experience, ability, and process.

Building a new home is like this in the sense that you want to choose a builder who you can trust has the correct procedure in place to complete your build. They have the experience to do the job well and are experts in their field.

A custom home specialist is a builder who has chosen to specialise in the design and construction of beautiful homes. Homes that support the families who live in them and change with the family to suit each stage of life. Systems and procedures are already in place to create a successful build, so you want to ensure you choose a builder who will implement the right system & process to complete your custom home on budget & on time.

Are volume/project home builders cheaper?

It’s a common misconception that a volume home builder is the cheaper option. A volume home builder utilises what’s called ‘buying power’. This method uses positive supplier relationships & buying agreements. If a builder agrees to promote one product brand as their standard inclusion, that brand will offer the builder a better price because of the guaranteed sale. These types of agreements are also available to Custom Home builders; with a similar buying power & fewer overheads compared to a volume builder, it would make sense that a custom home builder should be the same price, if not cheaper. If the prices are different, there has to be a difference in the offering. A volume home builder creates this difference by employing less skilled labour, speeding up their build times beyond what is sensible and using variation for supposedly unforeseen costs to build up their profit margin.

Do custom homes take longer to build?

‘Custom homes take longer to build’ is an interesting statement and isn’t the complete truth. A custom home with the same square meterage, number of rooms & level of inclusions won’t take any longer to build than the same type of home from a project builder. It will, however, be designed better and tailored to suit your needs and requirements.

Several things impact build time: site conditions, build size, scope of build & changes throughout the build. These are all items that can affect every build. Typically, homeowners look to a custom builder to provide another level of service and details to meet their site and personal requirements.

How do you choose a builder?

Choosing the right builder for your project is critical if you want a successful build, so who is the right builder & what type of build are you planning?
– Do you want regular communication throughout, the ability to pick up the phone and speak to the actual builder, selections consultant, designer, or supervisor?
– Do you want the option to make the most of your site? Adjust your home to take advantage of the views, winter sun, and yard space & ensure there’s no dead space in your build.
– Do you want a team as passionate about getting your home right as you are?
– Do you want the assurance that a skilled trades team will oversee your build without cutting corners to speed up the process?

If you have answered yes to any or all of these, then a custom home builder is the right choice. Your custom build journey will be one of excitement and joy as a highly skilled team works with you to deliver your vision.

At Edwards Family Homes, we know that building a home is more than materials and construction. It’s a foundation for your lifestyle. A space for you to retreat to when you need peace, a place to welcome the ones you love or even a home base to return to as you run from one social engagement to another. A custom home is not just another house plan that appears to work on your site. It’s a home designed to support you through each stage of life.

What does a custom home builder offer that others don’t

A custom home builder provides security & peace of mind to homeowners due to the systems & procedures put in place to prevent us from over-committing ourselves to projects. We only take on several projects at any given time to ensure we can complete each & every project on time & to our high standards.

With a client-focused experience, we streamline the process as much as possible to provide the best possible build experience. You will personally meet with the builder & continue to have contact throughout the build process. The person you signed on with will also be a part of your build and hand you the keys.

Type of Home a Custom Home Builder Builds

It’s a common misconception that custom home builders only build large architectural homes that cost millions.

As a custom home builder, we specialise in all types of custom homes at different prices. A custom build is more about the kind of service offered & a desire to build the perfect home that suits your family.

Ready to start building?

If you’re ready to take the next step & would like to speak with a professional builder at a time that suits you, Book a discovery call now using our online booking calendar.
You can speak to our team (obligation-free), and we can answer any questions about your project or the build process.

Still not ready to speak with a builder? That’s okay! Doing as much research as possible during this stage of your build journey will save you from making some big mistakes. Download our free guide, “7 things you must know before designing a home.” Link to Download. This guide will provide the correct information to help you avoid some critical mistakes homeowners make throughout the planning process.

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