Introducing The Close Knit Family Behind Your Stunning Edwards Family Home


Building In Our Blood

Three Generations ‘On The Tools’

The Edwards family has been building family homes on the Central Coast for more than fifty years. Carl is continuing the legacy of his father, Allan. And now Carl’s four sons and daughter join him in the business and ‘on the tools’ breathing life into the dreams of local families.

Unlike other builders that rely on external contractors who vary in skill, experience, and commitment to quality, you can relax knowing that Carl and family (who are all qualified building professionals) are the experts working on your home. Their meticulous planning and attention to detail are second to none. And the result is more than one hundred and thirty homes that are structurally solid, flawlessly finished, and were completed on time and on budget.


Beyond Bricks

Crafting Family Homes With Heart

Every Edwards Family Home begins with people -- the homeowners. We don’t see mere bricks and mortar. We visualise you and your family – the dinnertime conversations, family milestones, entertaining with guests, relaxing on weekends, and making lifelong memories together as a family.

That’s why we take so much time to get to know you. To understand the vision you have for your home. And to help you clarify and refine your ideas. So we can get the design just right. Floorplan, features, and finishes that match your lifestyle, reflect your personality, and feel like home.

And it’s why we approach every aspect of your home – every nail, every joint, and every fitting -- with precision and pride. To give you a home that looks stunning, performs perfectly, and lasts a lifetime.

Total Transparency

Honest To The Last Detail

It’s easy to get caught up in the dream of a new home. Especially when so many building companies lure you in with misleadingly low prices that exclude many of the things you expect to be standard. But this just leads to disappointment (and financial stress) when you discover the finished price is tens (sometimes hundreds) of thousands more.

We never want to disappoint. If anything, we will under-promise and over-deliver. So you can be sure the information we give you (including prices and timelines) is as accurate and honest as possible.

And we’ll never leave you wondering what’s happening. Follow the progress of your home through our Project Management Portal where you will receive weekly updates including photos. And call us anytime – you’ll have our direct mobile numbers.


Future-Proof Living: Homes That Grow With Your Family

A growing family needs a home that will grow with them. That’s why we help you to incorporate future-proof features that meet your changing needs. Things you may not think of by yourself. But will appreciate down the track (especially when you consider how difficult and expensive it is to retrofit).

Whether next week or next decade, your Edwards Family Home will be a prudent investment that appreciates in value, a comfortable haven you look forward to coming home to each day, and the favourite place for you and your family to make memories together.

Expert Advice

50+ Years Of Experience

Researching building options can be time consuming and confusing. And one mistake can be costly – both in terms of unnecessary expense and long-term regrets.

That’s why we generously share from our 50+ years of experience in:

We’ll even assess your new land or current property for free. Help you compare all your options (like the best orientation for your custom home, or renovating versus knockdown and rebuild). And how to assess the highest best use for your land (based on our real estate experience).

Whether you are ready to build or researching your options, we’d be glad to help. We look forward to meeting your family and helping you get the exact home you want.

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