Spare rooms can easily become a wasteland of unused items and old furniture, but they can be so much more. A home cinema, office, a rumpus room for the kiddies – the options are endless. 

A spare room really is a blank canvas, and with some creativity and careful planning can become a valuable area of your home. 

Home Cinema 

Hollywood comes home when you install a state-of-the-art home cinema. Pop in a huge LCD screen, surround sound speakers and cinema-style seating, and you’ll never have to put up with loudmouths at the movies again. For authenticity, dress the kids up as theatre attendants and have them serve you popcorn. 

Guest Bedroom 

Friends will be begging to stay at your place if you have a dedicated guest room for them to sleep in. Put in a comfortable bed and some bedside tables, lamps and a television, to make guests feel right at home. You could even rent it out on AirBNB to make some extra cash. 


Turn your spare room into the hottest spot in town by installing a fancy bar and a few high-top stools. Add some footy memorabilia to the walls and a big-screen TV for that sports bar feel. Stock it with cold beer and quality wine, and you might have to hire a bouncer to keep your friends and family in order on a Friday night! 

Home Office 

With more people working from home these days, your spare room will make the perfect office space. Not only does a home office allow you to keep everything organised, but it allows you to close the door at the end of the day to keep your work and personal lives separate. 

Games Room 

Transform your spare room into a cyber wonderland with the latest video games. Make sure there’s a comfy chair or beanbag to relax in for those all-night sessions. You could even pop an old Street Fighter II or Galaga cabinet in the corner for the older gamers. 

Rumpus Room 

Give the kids some space of their own, a room where they can play and make as much mess as they want… far from their relaxing parents! The young ones will love it, and you’ll love knowing their chaos is contained to one room. 

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